The 61st Congress of the German Society of Urology

Dresden, Germany
16-19 September

‘The birth of urology is primarily thanks to the development of new and modern techniques, for example endoscopy, invented by Maximilian Nitze in Dresden, and for the contrast agent for urography,’ Professor Manfred Wirth MD, President of the German Society of Urology, points out in his invitation for urologists to attend this September’s congress. ‘Extracorporeal shock-waves lithotripsy, endourology and other innovative surgical techniques, such as percutaneous nephro litholopaxy, complex urinary derivation, or the first ever laparoscopy performed with urological instruments, have all shaped urology as a modern profession. Through robot technology and the future focused diagnostics and therapy, which will change our profession through body imaging controlled treatments, we stand before new and economic challenges. With it comes continual change in provision with care and health services, for example the increasing Centre creation.’
Under the slogan Urology under change, the event aims to embrace the entire spectrum of this field; and, as Prof Wirth points out: ‘The personal experience exchange and the chance to specifically enquire about something cannot be replaced with any modern medium.’
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