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Mammography: New imaging system presented at EUSOBI congress

At the annual congress of the European Society of Breast Imaging, September 28 to 30, 2023 in Valencia, Spain, Siemens Healthineers presents Mammomat B.brilliant, a new mammography system with wide-angle tomosynthesis.

Mammomat B.brilliant creates 3D images with high depth resolution in less than five seconds

Image source: Siemens Healthineers

In tomosynsthesis, the tube moves around the breast at a wide 50° angle, which is the largest angle available on the market. Together with a scan time of around five seconds, this is the fastest wide-angle tomosynthesis on the market – creating a 3D image with high depth resolution in the shortest time possible. In this way, abnormalities and microcalcifications in the tissue can be identified with a high level of accuracy. The acquisition speed is about 35% faster compared to other devices, making the examination more comfortable for patients. "Our systems have to provide meaningful answers in the shortest possible time. This is especially important in mammography, when the stressful uncertainty for patients must be reduced to a minimum. Only Mammomat B.brilliant offers this unique combination of speed, resolution and wide angle," says Verena Schön, Head of X-Ray Products at Siemens Healthineers. 

"We are already benefiting from the significant benefits that Mammomat B.brilliant offers in our clinical routines. The speed of tomosynthesis is very impressive and the image quality is excellent. Together with the quick and convenient positioning of the patients, it is an excellent tool for us in mammography," says Dr. Machteld Keupers, UZ Leuven, Belgium. 

The PlatinumTomo technology provides improved visibility of calcifications and...
The PlatinumTomo technology provides improved visibility of calcifications and lesions

Image source: Siemens Healthineers

Patient information and work steps are clearly visible from every angle on a prominent display monitor. The new ComfortMove function relieves users of physical strain, ensuring that physicians can easily and quickly adapt the device to the patient's anatomy. ComfortMove, the display and a positioning laser help to significantly accelerate scan preparation. 

Mammomat B.brilliant is the first device from Siemens Healthineers with PlatinumTomo: the combination of wide-angle tomosynthesis, the new detector, the completely newly developed Flying Focus Spot tube and the Premia AI reconstruction to improve image quality. Flying focal spot technology is used for the first time in mammography: It prevents blurring effects caused by tube movements during tomosynthesis. This results in sharp images even at very high scanning speeds. In tomosynthesis, the X-ray tube moves in a circle around the breast, unlike conventional mammography, where it remains static – creating a three-dimensional image. 

Source: Siemens Healthineers


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