Sealing veins, arteries and bunched tissue

Using the different shaped tips of ARC 350L and TissueSeal or Ligator instruments, made by Bowa, surgeons can permanently seal large veins, arteries or bunched tissue. All of these special tools gained a red dot award for ergonomics and practicality.


‘Along with ligation and standard programmes, the ARC 350L also provides numerous individually programmable memory locations,’ Bowa reports. ‘The ARC range of generators is particularly versatile and is based on the proven ARC Control system and a very fast microprocessor. Accessories from other companies can be connected without any problems.

The ARC range of generators includes: ARC 350, ARC 350L, ARC 300, ARC 300G, ARC 300e, ARC 200, ARC 200G. In addition, all units provide argon plasma coagulation with ARC PLUS as an option.’
BOWA-electronic also offers a range of reusable accessories for electrosurgical applications, which can be adapted to suit all units.


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