Optimization of Temporal and Spatial Resolution for Cardiac CT Diagnostics

Further developments in computer and detection technology over the last few months and years have made it possible to overcome, to a large degree, the previously limitations of medical computer tomography in spatial and temporal resolution, and thus to permit “detail-true” representation of the beating heart. The diagnostic workflow and computer-tomographic diagnosis of the heart using the Aquilion 16 are described below as well as the temporal fuzziness factor (TFF) Kt and the spatial fuzziness factor (SFF) Kd used in quantitative estimation of temporal and spatial resolution.

Fig. 4: Case examples for 3D heart construction with: a) heart frequency = 45 -...
Fig. 4: Case examples for 3D heart construction with: a) heart frequency = 45 - 71 beats/min

This article was first published in the VISIONS, issue 5/2004, a publication of Toshiba Medical Systems


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