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New healthcare IT products reach the market

Back in December 2011, when General Electric and Microsoft announced their joint venture, Peter Neupert, then head of Microsoft’s healthcare solutions group said: ‘This industry needs a Windows-like platform.’ This June their efforts resulted in an ‘all systems go’ for Caradigm IT products, which aim initially to enable hospitals and large private medical groups to use a realtime, organisation-wide open healthcare intelligence platform and collaborative clinical applications. The new company provides Microsoft health products that include Amalga – software for entering lab test results, imaging scans and other data in real-time into electronic patient’s records for diagnoses. Caradigm’s Board of Directors and leadership team is composed of executives from both parent companies, led by CEO Michael Simpson, formerly General Manager for GE Healthcare IT.

Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson

Bei-Jing Guo, who is now Vice President of Operations and Chief of Staff at Caradigm, was previously senior director of product management and marketing for the Microsoft Health Solutions Group. Additionally, Dr Brandon Savage, formerly chief medical officer (CMO) of GE Healthcare IT is Caradigm’s CMO and Senior Vice President for Product Strategy. Although based in Bellevue, Washington, Caradigm will also be present in Salt Lake City, Utah; Andover, Mass.; Chevy Chase, Md.; and other cities around the world. Products Along with the mentioned Amalga, Caradigm is offering Vergence, ExpreSSO and eHealth Information Exchange.

The latter is described as ‘a secure, standards-based infrastructure that integrates clinical data from across disparate systems and manages the wide variety of clinical records, document types and terminologies pervasive in today’s healthcare system’. The system includes crosscommunity clinical summary sharing; cross-community referral management; ED access to community wide clinical data; community wide clinical summary viewer; medication history service; image exchange service; vendorneutral EMR integration; results delivery service; interoperability in action: profiles and standards. Details:


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