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lntercube means flexibility

Imagine being able to install a new MRI anywhere with almost no external restrictions.

Based in Ulm, Germany, lnterflex Medizintechnik GmbH has supplied systems for Faraday cages and exclusive MRI interiors since 2005. In addition, all MRI-providers have relied on the international experience of this firm. “The Intercabin shielding room ensures the operating reliability of modern MRI-systems. In addition to maximum operating convenience and functionality, we focus on a comfortable patient environment,” the manufacturer confirms. “lntercube is the best choice for temporary installations of magnetic resonance tomographs,” Interflex points out. “The device includes lntercabin, a high-frequency system state-of-the-art module.”

The Intercube from Interflex

The company reports that the stand-alone solution with turnkey installation is a solution that ”… contains not only elementary requirements to install and run MRI-systems, but also convinces with an attractive architecture and design. Separated functional areas for the radiological examination, changing room, equipment and operation have been integrated.”

What’s offered is a complete turnkey service for the Intercube, and this includes air conditioning and electrical engineering for the MRI and rooms. lntercube is made up of a minimum two interconnected room modules made of galvanised steel profiles. Doors, daylight or skylight windows can be included into the facade or roof, or the room modules can be connected to existing building structures.

Thermally insulated walls, floors and ceiling elements ensure safe year-round use. The customer can individually design and equip the integrated lntercabin high-frequency system to provide all necessary functional as well as aesthetical elements. The company also emphasises that lntercube reduces the space requirements to suit the maximum functional aspects of an MRI.

lnterflex Medizintechnik GmbH

The company from Ulm, Germany is a system-supplier for Faraday cages and exclusive interior for MRI use since 2005. For many years all MRI-providers rely on the international experience of Interflex. The Intercabin shielding room ensures the operating reliability of modern magnetic resonance imaging systems. In addition to a maximum operating convenience and functionality, we focus on a comfortable patient environment.

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