Esaote will present its new flagship ultrasound system, the MyLab X90
Esaote will present its new flagship ultrasound system, the MyLab X90

Image source: Esaote

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Esaote to showcase AI-enhanced imaging at ECR

Italian biomedical and imaging company Esaote will be present at the ECR radiology congress in Vienna on March 1st - 5th, Expo X5 - Booth 517, to show its latest ultrasound, MRI and medical IT.

The company announces it will showcase the result of its intense R&D activities in recent years at the congress. On Wednesday, March 1st, at 2:00 PM, Esaote will unveil its new MyLab X90 premium ultrasound system, which is designed to combine outstanding performance with "Augmented Insight" to optimize workflows and support advanced interconnected healthcare organizations. 

The company's program is completed by a series of dedicated sessions held at the Esaote booth by some of the most well-known Key Opinion Leaders who will talk over Esaote’s new premium platform flagship. 

Wednesday, March 1:

  • 3:00 PM: “Explorations in MSK” by Prof. Luca Maria Sconfienza MD; 

Thursday, March 2: 

  • 11:30 AM: “CEUS Examinations on the Liver” by Prof. Dirk-André Clevert, MD; 
  • 3:30 PM: “Advanced Solutions for Interventional Radiology” by Prof. Laura Crocetti, MD, PHD;

Friday, March 3: 

  • 11:30 AM: “Multiparametric Liver Assessment” by Prof. Vito Cantisani, MD, PHD; 
  • 3:00 PM: “CEUS Examinations on the Kidney” by Prof. Dirk-André Clevert, MD.

Together with the new MyLab X90, the comapny will show the MyLab X8 eXP ultrasound system that is sets a standard of high performance, offering a brand new ultrasound experience to achieve extraordinary results with its highly intuitive user interface and advanced clinical tools, tailored to suit any clinical need, Esaote announces. 

Further highlights at the booth will include the showcase of Magnifico Open, the latest MRI system developed by Esaote to enter the world of total body magnetic resonance imaging. With this new system, the Italian company completes and expands its portfolio in MRI. Also presented at the booth will be O-Scan, a unique MRI system for standalone specialty clinics that delivers high image quality and a cost-effective solution. 

Ebit, the Esaote Group company focused on the development of diagnostic imaging software solutions, will showcase its Suitestensa platform, the most complete Diagnostic Imaging Software for workflow management: from Modality to Enterprise IT systems, implementing Structured Report, 3D/4D image processing, Quantitative Analysis software, multiplatform Mobile & Cloud Solutions for clinical collaboration and results distribution and new feature based on AI for clinical app and reporting workflow as well as research. 

Source: Esaote


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