Fujifilm “One-Stop” solution partner for the Healthcare systems

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Fujifilm “One-Stop” solution partner for the Healthcare systems

Fujifilm began its medical business with the production of X-ray film in 1936, exactly two years after its foundation, and began a path of transformation that has always characterised its industrial history, before succeeding in digitising X-ray images for the first time in the world in 1981. And again in 1999, in the wake of the digitisation explosion, Fujifilm launched Synapse, the world's first fully web-based image storage and communication system. Since then, the company has refined its image processing technology and added value by integrating it with information technology and artificial intelligence.

Today, Fujifilm has a wide range of products including diagnostic X-ray imaging equipment, ultrasound systems, endoscopy, in vitro diagnostics, CT, MRI, and by positioning medical informatics as an open platform, the company can offer a wide variety of solutions to healthcare systems. 

The recent acquisition of Hitachi's diagnostic imaging business, which was completed in 2021, and the incorporation of Hitachi's imaging business into the new Fujifilm Healthcare company has generated a powerful new force in medical imaging and plays a strategic role in Fujifilm's plan to become a more comprehensive healthcare company capable of providing highly customized and advanced solutions. 

More concretely, with the addition of CT, MRI, ultrasound and other technologies, the company will be able to create an even broader product line-up than ever before. Combining the products and professionals of both companies will strengthen the collective ability to positively impact healthcare. In addition, this acquisition allows the company to gain a competitive advantage in the medical device market by leveraging the sales and distribution channels of Fujifilm and Fujifilm Healthcare. 

Fujifilm today aims to become an entity that can contribute to the advancement of human health by supporting the ongoing transformation in the healthcare industry, shifting the focus from a "passive" to a "proactive" model of medicine: from "treatment after serious illness" to "prevention, early detection and timely treatment" for various diseases, including cancer. 


But mostly Fujifilm will support the transformation of the healthcare sector by contributing to the improvement of human health and positioning as “One-Stop” solution partners.


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