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Inspirata and Fujifilm Europe join forces in software distribution

Cancer informatics and digital pathology solution provider Inspirata announced a commercial partnership with Fujifilm.

The partnership enables Fujifilm to supply and service Inspirata’s scanner-agnostic, CE IVD digital pathology workflow software globally and with exclusivity in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The complementary nature of Inspirata’s and Fujifilm’s respective technologies bridges a technical gap between pathology, radiology and oncology, facilitating a more joined-up and longitudinal approach to patient care. Embracing an ‘open’ or ‘vendor-neutral’ approach to supporting their customers, the two companies view their new partnership as a shared commitment to giving healthcare providers the freedom and flexibility to use only the technologies that are right for them.

From a business perspective, this partnership lets both companies focus 100% on their respective core competencies without fear of becoming overstretched by trying to be all things, to all people

Oenone Duroe

Going forward, Fujifilm will bid on enterprise digital pathology tenders that present stringent procurement requirements using Inspirata’s digital pathology portfolio. In addition, Inspirata’s Dynamyx software will now be available on complex managed outsourcing opportunities that require other digital modalities, such as PACS and VNA, in addition to digital pathology. “We are excited to join forces with a company like Fujifilm, which has such a strong reputation in the markets targeted by this arrangement,” says Oenone Duroe, General Manager – Europe at Inspirata. “From a business perspective, this partnership lets both companies focus 100% on their respective core competencies without fear of becoming overstretched by trying to be all things, to all people.”

Fujifilm will add the ability to license and distribute Dynamyx software to its established and growing base of healthcare customers. Using Dynamyx’s remote pathology functionality, Fujifilm’s customers will benefit from remote working to alleviate mounting COVID-19 pressures, as well as find more opportunities for collaboration and MDT.

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Hamamatsu and KiKo Knowledge Hub Join Inspirata’s Initiative to Offer Free Remote Pathology Solution for Healthcare Institutions Affected by COVID-19. Inspirata gains strategic support in its initiative to allow pathology departments across the world to offer work-from-home opportunities for their pathologists during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Fujifilm aims to serve healthcare enterprises with a broad spectrum of departmental and enterprise solutions. Inspirata's Dynamyx software now adds to Fujifilm’s strengths in radiology, cardiology, endoscopy, and surgery.  Additionally, the award-winning Synapse VNA vendor-neutral archive product, is already capable and market-ready for digital pathology and seamlessly integrates with Dynamyx. Fujifilm is excited to begin offering this solution, just as digital pathology gains acceptance and practical use, worldwide. “In deciding to provide digital pathology services in Europe, our evaluation of potential partners focused on two important criteria,” explains Kevin Shah, Head of Enterprise New Business, Fujifilm Europe. “First, the partner had to offer an innovative, mature and stable technology complete with outstanding subject matter expertise. Secondly, it was imperative that they share the commitment to openness and vendor neutrality. Since Inspirata can deliver on both counts, our combined partnership enables us to offer a truly unique solution to our European market.”

In addition to the Fujifilm global reseller channel, Inspirata will continue to market and sell digital pathology and cancer informatics solutions through its direct sales force in other markets, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All existing Dynamyx customers will continue to be served directly by Inspirata.

Source: Fujifilm Europe


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