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Innovative hand hygiene solution uses AI

Russian tech company is bringing its innovative hand hygiene teaching and monitoring system to two major clinics owned by the European Medical Center group, the leading private healthcare provider in Moscow and the surrounding region.


An extensive trial using hand swabs taken in an experimental laboratory showed that handwashing to WHO standards using the system removed 100% of pathogenic bacteria and other micro-organisms from the skin. Smart washstands equipped with screens have been installed in dressing rooms at the EMC Hospital on ulitsa Shchepkina and the Trifonov Children’s Clinic. is a flexible, scalable system for ensuring uniformly high standards of hand hygiene in any environment where hand hygiene is critical, from medical establishments to food processing plants to farms and other agricultural facilities. It can be quickly and easily deployed and removes the need for time-consuming workplace checks and constant manual supervision.

Stanislav Varich, CEO of, said: “The adoption of by one of Moscow’s leading private healthcare providers is a clear confirmation that our product is more necessary now than ever before. Particularly in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, correct hand hygiene is a vital component in preventing the spread of disease and infections. is the only product of its kind worldwide, and I firmly believe that other clinics and medical establishments will appreciate the many benefits it brings them.”

Egor Safrygin, EMC’s Director of Digital Transformation, said: “We pay particular attention to contactless technologies that in the context of our Single Digital Ecosystem allow us to handle everything from payments to improving hygiene conditions for our patients and staff. Biosecurity is particular important in the medical sector, and patient health outcomes depend on doctors and other medical staff having clean hands. We strictly comply with regulation and norms including JCI standards, and are introducing new digital technologies that leverage computer vision and AI. The deployment of the system at EMC allows us to control hygienic conditions and to be confident that our staff are complying with all relevant regulations.”’s “smart screens” leverage video analytics and AI to ensure people wash their hands to WHO standards, ensuring high standards of hand hygiene and reducing the risk of pathogen transmission. Installed above washbasins, the smart screens display easy-to-follow instructions and a progress bar, while monitoring each stage of the hand-washing process to ensure it is properly completed. is customisable and fully data-secure with optional functionality including identification of individual members of staff and checking whether staff are wearing PPE.



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