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Customer Centre & European Research Laboratory expands

GE Healthcare reports that, in recent years, it has been making it quite clear just how important the German market is for the Group. In 2006, GE Healthcare opened its new Customer Centre in Munich to present itself there as a complete Healthcare supplier:

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Diagnostic Imaging (computer tomography and X-ray equipment), Clinical Systems (patient monitoring, ECG and ultrasound), Medical Diagnostics (contrast media), Life Sciences (protein separation) and Integrated IT Solutions (processing of clinical data), even through to Building Management, all are offered in Munich. A further major focal point of the corporate concept is the ‘early health’ model of care, which is targeted at early diagnosis, the identification of initial syndromes even before they appear and on efficient prophylaxis.
In Germany, GE Healthcare currently has 1,800 employees, about 200 of these in the Customer Centre Munich. Rolf Hannesen, Human Resources Manager of GE Healthcare Deutschland, said: ‘At the moment we have over 200 positions vacant, mainly for physicians and medical technicians and are actively looking for suitable applicants. Up to 2009, we are planning about 300 to 400 new jobs, mainly in Sales and Service’. At Medica 2007, interested parties can inform themselves about career possibilities at GE Healthcare (Hall 10, Booth A56).
The GE Research Centre Europe is located not far from the GE Healthcare Customer Centre, on the campus of the Technical University of Munich, in Garching. The $50 million investment is intended to attract leading researchers from all over the world who work in medical technology and energy. In the GE Research Centre Europe in Garching, around 200 scientists, engineers and technicians from 20 nations are already at work and the search continues for performance-orientated top personnel.
GE says it demands a great deal of its employees, but the Group also has something exceptional to offer. ‘If you don’t like change, you don’t like GE,’ said Rudolf Beyenburg, company spokesman of GE Healthcare in Germany who has worked in the company for almost 28 years. ‘If you get involved with GE, that it’s 150%. But, on the other hand, the career opportunities also multiply correspondingly, because our success is based on performance-awareness, dynamics and change.’
Anyone who performs well at GE Healthcare can take advantage of four management programmes, the company points out. Over a period of two years, participants manage projects of their own at different European locations. At the beginning of each stage targets are set, the fulfilment of which is checked regularly. Every three months exams are completed on the theoretical background. For scientists and engineers who prefer to develop in their own specific fields, there are various specialist careers within the Group; the ‘Edison Engineering Development Programme’.
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