Enviromental Protection in medical technology

For the production of medical technology products more and more companies take enviromental protection and energy efficiency into consideration. Siemens Medical Solutions e.g. ensures with a holistic concept that the products not only match high ecological demands during production, but also in operation and beyond shutdown.

Photo: Enviromental Protection in medical technology

Enviromental protection and energy efficiency are topics of high importance in the production of medical technology products and companies have to accomplish the demanding guidelines of the European Unions’ enviromental management system - the Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

Siemens Medical Solutions optimizes new products with regard to the effects on men and enviroment, too: compared to its predecessor model the Somatom Definition CT produces up to 58 percent less radiaton during a heart scan while providing better image quality. The lower radiation levels allow reduction of the lead shielding by 80 percent and reduce the power consumption by 30 percent.

After shutdown X-ray tube assemblies could be returned for overhaul in an extensive regeneration process, preparing them for future use. In a similar process used CT’s and MRI’s, as well as ultrasound- and X-ray devices are overhauled in a 5-stage quality process. These systems leave the factory in near new condition.
The worldwide sale of refurbished systems saves ressources and extends the life cycle of the components - this holistic concept avoids CO2-Output of 10,000 tons each year.

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