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Educational resources on dense breasts

In an effort to promote access to professional breast imaging knowledge, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) now links to educational materials from as a resource for its members about the screening and risk implications of dense breast tissue.

Imaging and diagnosing a dense breast (right) is generally more challenging than a fatty breast (left)

“The issue of the implications of dense breast tissue has become of major importance for medical professionals. I am therefore very pleased with this educational measure, which will greatly benefit ESR members. In order to ensure that women across Europe receive appropriate breast care, it is crucial that breast imagers have access to a comprehensive resource such as this,” said Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger, Chairman of the European Society of Radiology.

DB-I/Europe is designed to provide education to healthcare professionals about the screening and risk implications of dense breast tissue and value of supplemental screening. New educational tools and resources include:

  • Dense Breast Primer (introduction)
  • Risk Model Tutorial (includes details on how the models are used, risk model explanations, diagnostic considerations, and a risk model table which includes live links to each model) 
  • Map: Comparative Analysis of National Breast Screening Guidelines in Europe (now in a comparative table) 
  • Patient Resources (available in over 20 languages)

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“Since the launch of DB-I/Europe, discussions and research on the topic have increased and there is a significant need in Europe for medically-sourced educational information about dense tissue,” added Athina Vourtsis, MD, PhD, European Liaison. “We are glad that ESR will join the growing list of healthcare providers and professional organisations that share DB-I/Europe educational content with their members about the impact of breast density on screening,” said Cheryl Cruwys, DB-I’s European Education Coordinator. was developed to provide breast density educational tools to health care professionals and patients.

Source: / European Society of Radiology


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