A highly portable mini-ultrasound device

The Acuson P10 - barely bigger than your BlackBerry and weighing just 500 grams.

Photo: A highly portable mini-ultrasound device

In emergencies, the first few minutes are vital, and having an ultrasound device for initial diagnosis could prove lifesaving. Speaking of a new portable ultrasound device from Siemens Medical Solutions Klaus Hambüchen, head of the Ultrasound group of Siemens Medical Solutions, said: ‘This multifunctional system helps medical personnel to make the right decision within that time frame.’ Although the portable device to which he refers — the Acuson P10 – was designed specially for acute care, e.g. in the ICU, an ambulance or medic flights, it is also suitable as a diagnostic tool in the first hour in cardiac emergency care, but the company adds that it is also suitable for surgery, in obstetrics/gynaecology or in veterinary medicine. 
‘As an additional diagnostic device, Acuson P10 supplements initial examinations in emergency medicine comparable to a visual stethoscope. When needed, nursing staff or paramedics can perform the initial important examination in the emergency ward. Acuson P10 is used primarily to triage patients. This ensures that each patient receives the treatment necessary according to the seriousness of the illness or injuries sustained  within a shorter time period than before,’ Siemens reports.
The device will go on sale this year, with its black & white screen, but an additional version (still pending) will have a color Doppler function. Special lithium ion accumulators enable continuous scanning for about one hour.
Images from the Acuson P10 can be stored in the Hospital Information System (HIS).


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