New pathway for lung cancer added to AI-based clinical decision support software

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News • Presented at HIMSS 21

New pathway for lung cancer added to AI-based clinical decision support software

Siemens Healthineers presents its second pathway for its AI-Pathway Companion1 at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Global Health Conference 2021 (HIMSS 21). This new pathway is focused on non-small cell lung cancer, supporting personalized and standardized decision-making along the whole treatment process2. The AI-Pathway Companion Lung Cancer3 assists multidisciplinary teams (MDT) by facilitating patient management and case reviews in a single dashboard, providing quality checks on data completeness, and enabling the documentation of clinically relevant patient-specific notations. “During lung MDT discussion, it frequently becomes apparent that a key diagnostic report or other crucial information is not yet available. These patients have to be discussed again in the next meeting. This wastes time and effort for all physicians involved in the MDT. A digital assistant, which ensures that the right set of information is available, would substantially increase efficiency”, says Prof. Mathias Prokop, Head of the department Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Anatomy, Radboud University Nijmegen4.

Siemens Healthineers adds the pathway for lung cancer for its AI-Pathway Companion to the already existing CE-marked pathway for prostate cancer. The software is designed to help in advanced oncology care by integrating contextualized data along the patient pathway. Utilizing the full pathway with all available data2, healthcare professionals can optimize the treatment for the individual patient and adherence to evidence-based standards of care is easier to accomplish5. This transparency also helps collaboration across departments and cancer boards. Everyone involved always has the full picture and can contribute to the treatment discussion with their specific knowledge. “The introduction of the AI-Pathway Companion Lung Cancer demonstrates our continued commitment to supporting healthcare providers in their transformation to value-based healthcare. With the AI-Pathway Companion solution, we are presenting a next-gen clinical decision support system; we want to continue trail blazing in this market by partnering with key customers on future innovation”, says Wido Menhardt, Head of Digital Health at Siemens Healthineers.

Through ongoing development and refinement of data interfaces, Siemens Healthineers aims to increase the number of disease parameters captured throughout the clinical pathway, thereby expanding the relevant data points with the goal of advancing cancer care. The company looks forward to partnering with even more healthcare institutions on optimizing the AI-Pathway Companion solution to their routine clinical practice and preferred lung cancer workflow.

1 AI-Pathway Companion consists of several health products and medical devices in their own right, and products under development. AI-Pathway Companion is not commercially available in all countries. Their future availability cannot be guaranteed.
2 All data is available as required per guideline. Feature dependent on quality of input data.
3 AI-Pathway Companion Lung Cancer VA10A supports Singlenprimary tumor. AI-Pathway Companion Lung Cancer VA10A supports Nonsmallncell Lung cancer cases only.
4 Dr. Mathias Prokop is employed by an institution that receives financial support from Siemens Healthineers for collaborations.
5 All data is available as required per guideline. Feature dependent on quality of input data. AI-Pathway Companion Lung Cancer VA10A supports NCCN guidelines. Customer shall ensure that guidelines are applicable and appropriate as per the local site policies and procedures and access to procedures.

Source: Siemens Healthineers


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