New 160 slice Toshiba CT Aquilion Prime speeds up workflow and reduces exposure dose

Toshiba Medical Systems introduced the Aquilion Prime CT scanner, the latest member of the CT family Volume CT Aquilion ONE. Equipped with cutting edge technology for dose reduction and a gantry bore of 78cm, the innovative 160 multislice CT Aquilion Prime defines the next generation of CT scanners.

Photo: New 160 slice Toshiba CT Aquilion Prime speeds up workflow and reduces...
Photo: New 160 slice Toshiba CT Aquilion Prime speeds up workflow and reduces...

Patients benefit from low exposure dose
The key word for dose reduction is AIDR – adaptive iterative dose reduction. This is facilitated by a completely new iterative reconstruction algorithm: AIDR reduces the dose by up to 75%. Additionally, image noise can be reduced by up to 50%, which visibly increases image quality and therefore eases clinical evaluation.
A further dose reduction by 20% is achieved through active collimation: With helical scans, the first half of the first rotation as well as the second half of the last rotation do no contribute towards image reconstruction for technical reasons. In both cases, active collimation blocks out the X-ray beam and thereby prevents exposure that is not used for diagnosis.
The user can therefore be assured that the Aquilion Prime delivers maximum image quality with minimal exposure for patients.

Trauma scans and CT scans of obese patients made easier
Being comfortable during the examination is becoming increasingly important for patients. They appreciate large gantry bores and short examination times. And when it comes to patient comfort, the Aquilion Prime is also superior to previous CT scanners in this respect. The gantry bore measures 78cm – an additional 60mm for more freedom of movement. Both trauma patients and doctors benefit from the large eVolution gantry during image guided interventions. Moreover, a table capacity of 300kg combined with the large gantry diameter makes the Aquilion Prime the optimal examination platform for obese patients.
Earlier diagnosis – faster treatment
Patients benefit from the extremely short examination times of the new 160 slice scanner for instance as they do not have to hold their breath for too long. 160 slices of 0.5mm are reconstructed per rotation, which only takes 350 milliseconds each. The high speed reconstruction with up to 50 frames per second ensures that the images are ready for evaluation at the earliest possible time. The high scanning speed of up to 16cm per second (with a full 50cm field of view) is of particular benefit to traumatised patients as they do not have to hold their breath for too long. Images are available for diagnosis earlier and treatment can begin sooner. Additionally, the high scanning speed reduces motion blur, which cuts down on the amount of contrast media required.
The technology used with the Aquilion Prime not only allows the acquisition of high quality images with low exposure dose but also an optimisation of the workflow and a significant reduction in the time required to establish the diagnosis.

Clinical added value beyond routine
The performance of the Aquilion Prime ranges from the complete spectrum of radiological routine examinations to particularly dose-saving cardio- and neuro CT scans as well as dual energy scans. Just like the Toshiba high-end volume CT scanner Aquilion One, the Aquilion Prime also scans high resolution dynamic volumes such as those required for enhanced diagnosis of organ perfusion for instance.


  • Sure Extension – seamless access to CT images in the hospital
  • Sure Extension, Toshiba’s new technology used for the Aquilion Prime, offers users new flexibility: they can access the CT display console via the hospital network and handle CT data and applications.
  • This means that the CT data can be accessed from consultation or meeting room to discuss the results of a CT examination with patients or colleagues.
  • Even MPR, 3D and CT options such as those used for vascular analysis or cardiac diagnostics can be simultaneously utilised at the CT scanner as well as via remote access – the performance and speed remain just the same.


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