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Fujifilm Healthcare acquires Hitachi Diagnostic Imaging, presents new portfolio

At a virtual European event, Fujifilm Healthcare Europe presented a complete and integrated portfolio of diagnostic products and services, including CT, MRI, X-ray, AI, PACS, endoscopy and ultrasound systems.

Source: Fujifilm

This launch follows the completion of Fujifilm's acquisition and takeover of Hitachi's Diagnostic Imaging-related business on 31 March 2021 for 179 billion yen (€1.3 billion). Combining the two organisations’ product line-ups, Fujifilm aims to offer a comprehensive solution that caters to a broad range of clinical needs. As a result, Fujifilm intends to significantly expand its diagnostics business globally as one of the Group's leading growth drivers, aiming to achieve a turnover of 860 billion yen (€6.6 billion) within the next three years; a growth of more than 50% compared to the fiscal year ending March 2020.

The virtual event presented the European medical community with a comprehensive healthcare portfolio. Fujifilm's expertise in CT, MRI and ultrasound, combined with the company's core capabilities in x-ray, endoscopy, women's health, AI, PACS and IVD, allow the company to maximise its services and products in several areas of prevention and diagnosis for the benefit of patients in Europe.

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Highlights of the enhanced portfolio include:

  • Fujifilm Healthcare Europe's high-image-quality and robust CT combined with Fujifilm’s AI technology platform REiLI, and Synapse 3D, which supports post-processing, offering a low dose solution to radiology departments and total support from imaging to diagnosis.
  • An enhanced Fujifilm offering to a wider range of hospital departments, including gynaecology, surgery and urology. For example, the clinical application of Fujifilm Healthcare Europe's ultrasound technology in surgery provides a platform for Fujifilm’s new introduction of surgical endoscopes and Synapse 3D.
  • Expanded application and technical support and service across the complete portfolio of Fujifilm medical products.

"We have worked hard to achieve this important milestone for Fujifilm and its future development. Today we are stronger together, and our goal is to maximise these new comprehensive and complete portfolio synergies. Our goal is to position ourselves as a market leader and number one comprehensive partner for the Healthcare community in Europe in the field of prevention and diagnosis" says Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director of Fujifilm Europe.

The two organisations complement each other perfectly, and I am excited for the service and support we can offer together with a new combined team that is ready to embrace new challenges and great adventures in the future

Jean-Luc Budillon

"Thanks to this important acquisition, we have combined the strengths and skills of two leading companies in the sector, and today we offer a package of comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions. Fujifilm is now a company that offers a more comprehensive portfolio to healthcare providers across Europe. New milestones await us in AI, Healthcare IT, CT, MRI, ultrasound and many more fields, intending to create new values of excellence across this exciting new combined team," adds Masaharu Fukumoto, Senior Vice President, Fujifilm Europe.

"We bring to Fujifilm many decades of experience in the market, alongside a strong and comprehensive product portfolio. The two organisations complement each other perfectly, and I am excited for the service and support we can offer together with a new combined team that is ready to embrace new challenges and great adventures in the future. Together we are stronger." said Jean-Luc Budillon, President and COO, Fujifilm Healthcare Europe.

Source: Fujifilm


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