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Droplet reduction mouthpiece to increase endoscopy safety

Safety and protection for patients and healthcare professionals during routine procedures is imperative for Fujifilm, which it intends to pursue by constantly innovating its offering of accessories and instruments for endoscopy.

Source: Fujifilm

The company announced the launch of the Mouthpiece “B1” incorporating a sponge rubber, a droplet reduction accessory, and a drape shield specifically created to catch and reduce the droplets emitted by the patient during endoscopic examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract, helping to minimize the risk to healthcare workers and fellow patients from becoming infected with COVID-19 and various other pathogens.

The Mouthpiece “B1”, as the name suggests, is placed in the patients mouth and fixed with a headband. With Fujifilm conventional mouthpieces, the endoscope is thus protected from damage. The “Droplet Reduction Mouthpiece" is one part of Fujifilm’s response to support healthcare professionals in these difficult times. The accessory is easy to handle and does not inconvenience the patient when compared to using a standard mouthpiece. The accessory can be used with different types of endoscopes with various diameters, ensuring that there are no gaps between the endoscope and the mouthpiece.

Droplet reduction mouthpiece to increase endoscopy safety

Source: Fujifilm

The Mouthpiece “B1” also comes with a drape shield for covering a patient's face. It shields healthcare workers from patients during peroral endoscopy, thereby reducing the risk of viral infection by way of droplet transmission. It reduces the spread of aerosol droplets by incorporating sponges which have slits in the  insertion part of the mouthpiece where the endoscope is introduced, this design ensures  that there are no gaps between the endoscope and the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is designed with extra depth to create space between the face shield and the patient’s face to maximize air ventilation for the patient. It also reduces  discomfort caused by covering the face with the shield.

Internal tests have shown that, the “B1” cuts more than 99%1 of respiratory droplets measuring 5μm or larger produced by coughing when compared to Fujifilm's conventional  mouthpiece2.

1 According to internal tests comparing the number of droplets found within the range of 200mm×40mm

2 Product name: Mouthpiece MPC-ST GMDN:62534 Generic name: Endoscopic bite block, basic, reusable

Source: Fujifilm


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