At the heart of our developments

Source: Thales

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At the heart of our developments

The professionals we all rely on to keep us healthy, they rely on X-Ray imaging systems empowered by flat panel detectors and software solutions provided by Thales.

Our solutions offer superior accuracy and advanced image processing to help image interpretation while decreasing radiation exposure. They also include a variety of innovative features that simplify the daily workflow of healthcare professionals while capitalizing on new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things, without compromising on Cybersecurity.

Pixium Portable 3543 DR with embedded patient identification: Portability for excellence and efficiency in hospital care

pixium flat panel detector
Source: Thales

This world's first ever patented solution allows for images to be taken at the patient's bedside thanks to an embedded barcode reader that scans patient ID bracelets. This feature links images to that specific patient and stores them directly on the detector. An easy-reading display indicates the number of images taken per patient and the total number of images stored in the device for an ulterior upload.

As one of the most cost effective systems on the market, allowing multiple examinations and eliminating the need for numerous CR cassettes, the Pixium Portable 3543 DR facilitates the daily work of healthcare professionals. It ensures greater productivity, making it also one of the most attractive solutions available on the market.

Dynamic flat panels fully redesigned for enhanced competitiveness

Thales is fully engaged in optimising the cost of its flat panel detectors dedicated to interventional applications. Pixium 2121 & 3030 Efficiency detectors have a new design that matches budgetary requirements. The universal software platform, PixDyn, is ensuring cost effective integration and supports the transition from conventional systems to flat panels for all mobile C-arm systems. The need to deliver unparalleled visual support in real time remains our main focus, with no compromise on image quality.

At the heart of our developments

Source: Thales

From detectors to turnkey imaging solutions

As well as having world leading experience in flat panel detectors, Thales meets healthcare professional’s needs for innovative software solutions that optimise both image quality and daily workflow.

ArtPix DRF, a new imaging solution for fluoroscopy, radiography and angiography applications, raises the bar in terms of image quality and versatility. The end-user can easily personalise features such as the user interface, display configuration, image quality and room peripherals. The customisable system, fully adaptable to hospital workflows, reduces costs by enabling a higher throughput of patient examinations. It offers a vast choice of advanced clinical options such as: Tomosynthesis, DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) stitching, radiation less positioning, etc.

Our capabilities are taking digital radiology technology to new levels

Thales Group considers embedding Artificial Intelligence into its solutions as a key priority. In these developments, we are fully supported by Thales teams at the Digital Factory in Paris, France and R&D specialists at the CortAIx center, dedicated to AI in Montreal, Canada. 

Our goal is to implement Artificial Intelligence as an aid for patient diagnosis as well as improving hospitals workflow. Additionally, Thales’s cybersecurity expertise is providing hospitals with new data protection methods, shielding personal medical information and avoiding potential data breaches.

The needs of manufacturers and healthcare professionals are at the heart of our activities. Thanks to this, we are proud to be part of half of radiological patient examinations worldwide.

You can discover these innovations during ECR tradeshow, booth 410 – Foyer D!


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