Andrea Fiumicelli
Andrea Fiumicelli

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Andrea Fiumicelli is new CEO of Dedalus Group

Dedalus Group, leader in Europe and one of the world’s leading players in clinical and healthcare information systems supporting clinical professionals and healthcare facilities has appointed Andrea Fiumicelli as CEO of the Group.

The manager returns to Italy after several years spent abroad as top manager of large international companies operating in the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and High Tech sector for "Health Care" and "Life Science" in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia. He will lead the Group’s activities in all the countries where it operates and continue to work on the development and digital transformation of the products and services offered by Dedalus. Graduated in Physics at the University of Genoa, Andrea Fiumicelli has carried out over the years the technological development on a large scale within the rapidly evolving medical-healthcare world and closed important M&A deals.

I believe it’s fundamental, even more today, to focus on the digital transformation of the healthcare systems which Dedalus is successfully carrying on.

Andrea Fiumicelli

Before joining Dedalus, he contributed to the birth of DXC Technology (the result of the merger of Computer Science Corporation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services) and led, until yesterday, the Health Care and Life Science division. Previously in CSC thanks to the acquisition of iSOFT (where he was CEO and led the merger with IBA Health), he contributed to the creation of the Health Care (HC) and Life Science (LS) segments. In 2005 he contributed to the transformation of Agfa Health Care into a global player in the production of healthcare IT and medical devices. After completing the acquisition of part of Agfa HealthCare’s IT business in the healthcare sector, the Dedalus Group is now one of the most important companies of the world operating in the field of clinical and healthcare information systems with a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, total turnover of approximately 470 million euros and a workforce of over 3,500 professionals. 

Andrea Fiumicelli will be responsible of leading the implementation of the corporate strategy based on the operational continuity of the various local companies with a stronger corporate organization. Andrea Fiumicelli commented: “I’m excited to join the management team of such an excellent company - operating within an industry I have always been passionate about - which was born in Italy but it has become global since a long time. I believe it’s fundamental, even more today, to focus on the digital transformation of the healthcare systems which Dedalus is successfully carrying on. This is a new personal challenge for me. I’ll come back to Italy, after many years spent living and working abroad, to help Dedalus keep on growing. Following the recent acquisition of Agfa Healthcare’s IT business unit, Dedalus has become a European leader and aims to grow further in order to achieve a key role within the innovation and digital transformation of healthcare systems worldwide. I’ll work with a high-level team of professionals who represent the real strategic asset of the company, responsible for this very important large-scale technological innovation with the significant enhancement of our precious product portfolio". 

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Giorgio Moretti, Executive Chairman of Dedalus Group, declared: “I’m proud to welcome such a high-profile manager as Andrea who has showed excellent managerial expertise acquired during many years of work for several big international companies. He is the right man to lead the new shape and ambition of the Group which has become bigger and more structured but it always keeps a special eye to the single specific markets where it operates: first of all Italy, Germany, France, Austria and some other 30 countries across the 5 continents. Our mission and responsibility is to guarantee quality and technological development to our clients. We have become a leader in Europe in the industry of clinical-healthcare information systems and we are among the first players in the world thanks to the significant investments in R&D that we have made in recent years and that we will further increase in the coming years. The deep and systemic knowledge of clinical-healthcare systems declined in products at the state of the art of technology, the excellence of our people and of our new organization will allow Dedalus to express at best the value we can, want and must transfer to our clients”.

Source: Dedalus


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