A deeper view of wound infections

Launched last year, the Wound Infection Institute (WII), supported by Smith & Nephew Wound Management, now has a 130-strong membership, which include leading clinicians and scientists working to understand more about wound infections and their control.

Professor Keith Harding (Chair), Head of the Wound Healing Research Unit and...
Professor Keith Harding (Chair), Head of the Wound Healing Research Unit and Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine (Wound Healing) at Cardiff University, Wales

‘Wound infection scares me on a daily basis,’ says Professor Keith Harding, Chairman of the Institute and Director of the Wound Healing Research Unit in Cardiff, Wales. ‘Increasing our knowledge of why a wound is infected and how we may best be able to treat it is fundamental for our future.’

The institute aims to develop a complete reference source for wound infection for use by any clinicians who need to check on currently available treatments and related manufacturers’ claims. ‘Ultimately, it is hoped that the major references will be abstracted and graded in terms of the evidence available,’ the institute points out.

In June 2008, a consensus paper on wound infection, one of six key projects initiated by the organisation’s executive body, will be launched at the World Union of Wound Healing, and the Institute will hold its first annual general meeting, when it expects to have completed and launched all those projects via its website.

When it becomes a self governing body, clinicians will provide original work within three core areas: evidence, education and research.
WII membership is open to clinicians, infection control specialists, educationists, scientists or people in related industries.
E-mail for details: wii@opencitylimited.com


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