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Flatpanel Fluoro • Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

Canon · Zexira/FPD

Power: 80 kW
Detector type: CsI
Pixel size: 148 μm


• General radiography (abdominal / skeletal).

• Non-vascular contrast-enhanced studies of the spine, intervertebral disks, joint cavities, biliary tract, nerve block procedures, etc.

• Non-vascular IVR
(ERCP, PTC, biopsy, ileus tube, etc.).

• Angiography (abdomen, shoulders, upper / slower trunk and cervical spine, etc.).

• Vascular IVR (simple angioplasty, maintaining the dialysis paths, etc.)

• Detector size: 43 × 43 cm

Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

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