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DR • Del Medical

Del Medical · OTC18S

Power: 40 / 50 / 65 / 80 kW
Detector type: GOS / Csl
Pixel size: 148 µm


  • Ceiling mounted tube crane with automated tube rotation for motorized stitching functionality
  • Elevating table with six-way float, motorized auto-tracking receptor, and 363 kg patient weight limit
  • Tilting wallstand featuring auto-tracking receptor with full movement to the floor and patient handgrips
  • 10.4-inch tube mounted touchscreen interface for system control and stitching set up
  • Flat-panel Detector options: 
    • E14C:  35x43 (14x17) Wireless Cesium
    • E17C:  43x43 (17x17) Fixed Cesium
  • Fixed and rotating detector trays with in-tray charging capability
  • Available with Mobile Positioning and Stitching Stand

Del Medical

241 Covington Drive
IL 60108 Bloomingdale

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