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Mobile DR • Del Medical

Del Medical · MDR

Power: 40 kW
Width: 57.6 cm
Weight: 435 kg


  • Affordable all-in-one mobile digital radiography solution 
  • Compact design with fully collapsible column 
  • Fully integrated DELWORKS DR workstation with choice of detectors 
  • Effortless maneuverability, allowing navigation through tight spaces 
  • Motor assisted inching from the tube head 
  • On board detector charging 
  • Convenient storage for wireless detector, grids batteries, wipes, and lead apron 
  • Flat-panel Detector options:
    • E24C:  24x30 Wireless Cesium
    • E14C:  35x43 (14x17) Wireless Cesium

Del Medical

241 Covington Drive
IL 60108 Bloomingdale

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