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DR • Del Medical

Del Medical · Straight Arm

Power: 32/ 40/ 50/ 65/ 80 kW
Detector type: Csl
Pixel size: 148 µm


  • Economical and space-efficient X-ray system perfect for Ambulatory Clinics, Imaging Centers or Urgent Care facilities 
  • Efficient isocentered design keeping the detector and x-ray beam in constant alignment 
  • Flexible movement with extensive range of arm and image receptor rotation 
  • Motorized variable SID adjustment of 100 to 200 cm 
  • Extensive vertical travel 42 to 163 cm 
  • Optional mobile patient table for recumbent exams
    • Fixed height or elevating
    • Fixed or 4-way float top
  • Flat-panel Detector options: 
    • E14C:  35x43 (14x17) Wireless Cesium
    • E17C:  43x43 (17x17) Fixed Cesium

Del Medical

241 Covington Drive
IL 60108 Bloomingdale

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