An innovative service for tomography applications

Since its foundation by Michael Friebe PhD in 2003, and on the basis of 10 years of business activity in radiology, Tomovation has become an established provider of high-end services for tomography applications, such as MRI, CT, and PET-CT.

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Based in the German Ruhr Valley with its unique infrastructure and geographic position the company handles Europe-wide projects, from de-installation to re-installation particularly of MRI, but also CT and PET-CT systems.
In cooperation with manufacturers of tomography scanners Tomovation currently establishes ‘semi static’ solutions for MRI, CT, and PET-CT. Dedicated modular buildings are planned and constructed matching the customers’ requirements and, due to regulations of irradiation protection and medical technology standards, are defined by German and European law. The company also rents these buildings with or without equipment for rental periods from several months to several years.
Accessory sales such as CT and MRI contrast media injectors of ACIST, and the highly innovative ExAblate that uses high focused ultrasound combined with MRI for the treatment of uterine fibroids, bone metastases complement the Tomovation portfolio.
Since mid-2008, Tomovation has been part of Alliance Medical Holdings Ltd., based in Warwick, UK and part of the Alliance Northern and Central Europe organisation, which is headed by Dr Friebe and Anthony van de Wal. Tomovation business within the Alliance group is now the responsibility of Oliver Lehmkühler PhD.
Last but not least, Tomovation still works on innovative products for image guided surgery in a spin-off company, ITP (Innovative Tomography Products), which is managed by Heinz-Werner Henke PhD under the scientific guidance of radiologist Professor Gabriele Krombach.
The first products for MR-guided cardiac interventions will be launched in 2011.
One former product of Tomovation’s innovation activities is the Acist Empower MR contrast media injector – the only injector that is MR-compatible up to 7-Tesla.
Details: Tomovation GmbH.


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