The ClearVue ultrasound system

Manufactured by Royal Philips Electronics and currently being introduced in Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand, ClearVue introduces proprietary Active Array technology, which moves key technology from the system to the transducer, resulting in enhanced image quality in 2-D and colour, lighter weight cabling and increased transducer

reliability, Philips reports.

Photo: The ClearVue ultrasound system

‘To support practices with high patient volumes, the sleek control panel is designed to speed image acquisition and management for enhanced ease of use. Customisable SmartExam protocols, a unique tool that enables standardisation of the ultrasound exam process, from planning to reviewing, help to streamline workflow and enhance productivity, and aid in accreditation.’ The system’s intuitive user interface also provides flexibility to serve patients in any care setting across a wide range of applications, including cardiology, abdominal, Ob/Gyn, fertility, vascular, breast and musculoskeletal imaging. ‘There is growing global focus on cost effective systems, smaller footprints, easier operation with improved clinical functionality,’ said Conrad Smits, Senior Vice President, Philips Healthcare and general manager of Philips Ultrasound. ‘ClearVue has been specifically designed with this in mind and embodies Philips’ image quality legacy, driving innovation and efficiency in ultrasound imaging.’


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