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The Calibration Laboratories of the RIB

The calibration laboratories Bonn and Hannover are scientific institutions of the Reference Institute for Bioanalytics (RfB). Using traceable reference measurement procedures of the highest metrological order the laboratories determine laboratory medical target values, so-called reference method values, in human or human-like materials such as serum, plasma or urine.

Report: Christina Ritter-Sket

Photo: The Calibration Laboratories of the RIB
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Dr. Christina Ritter-Sket, Director, Calibration Laboratory Bonn.
Dr. Christina Ritter-Sket, Director, Calibration Laboratory Bonn.

30 years ago, the first reference procedures for the determination of hormones were developed in Bonn. Since then, the number of measurands has been expanded steadily. Currently, the offering of the calibration laboratories Bonn and Hannover includes 30 measurands in the areas metabolites and substrates, enzymes, hormones, electrolytes, and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to determining reference method values for external quality assessment the calibration laboratories certify calibrators, control materials and panels of human sera, urines, etc., thus enabling traceability of measuring results to the highest metrological level. As independent laboratories with extensive analytical experience the calibration laboratories Bonn and Hannover provide their services to diagnostics manufacturers to support the development of routine measurement procedures. This enables the manufacturers to ensure optimal traceability of their routine measurement procedures. Moreover, the RfB calibration laboratories focus on research and development with regard to new reference methods.

For many years the calibration laboratories have been maintaining close contacts to various prestigious diagnostic manufacturers, national and international research institutions as well as metrology institutes. The scientists of the calibration laboratories support the development of quality assurance in laboratory medicine with their participation in relevant working groups of national and international standard-setting bodies (DIN, ISO) as well as in committees of
international scientific societies.

The work and commitment of the calibration laboratories is an important core competence of the Reference Institute of Bioanalytics. The new website www.rfb-calibration-labs.org introduces the calibration laboratories Bonn and Hannover to the general public. With this internet presence the calibration laboratories invite all interested parties to engage in a dialogue with the calibration laboratories, and they offer diagnostics manufacturers and EQA providers the opportunity to use the labs' services and to improve the traceability of routine measurement procedures.


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