Medica app competition

"TALKITT” overcomes voice and language barriers

As part of the MEDICA 2015, the world’s largest medical trade fair with almost 5,000 exhibitors from 70 nations, the “MEDICA App COMPETITION” for the best medical app has been held live for the fourth time already.

Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director Messe Düsseldorf, presents the winners...
Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director Messe Düsseldorf, presents the winners of this year´s MEDICA App COMPITITION: "Smoke Watchers" Benjamin Choukroun, Founder & CEO, (France), "Talkitt" Maren Lesche, Advisor Talkitt, (Israel/ Germany) and "MobileODT" Donny Rose, Head of Product Group (Israel).

App developers from the entire world had submitted their medical apps having been given a deadline until October. These submissions were pre-selected by the MEDICA expert team - a jury consisting of top-ranking members. On 17 November the Live Pitch took place entailing short presentations of the 10 pre-selected apps, which were held by the development teams. Following this, the expert jury tested the knowledge of the app developers with questions in order to be able to classify the level of the apps’ realism and perspectives of success even better.

At the end, the result was clear: This year’s winner of the MEDICA App COMPETITION is the application “TALKITT” by the Israeli development team from VOICEITT. The app is aimed at people with language and voice problems, enabling better communication. The trick: The app itself is trained by means of speech sounds. The meaning of the speech sound is entered into the app. In this way, the vocabulary of the smartphone app is continually expanded. In doing so, the right word or complete sentence deriving from the spoken speech sounds is shown on the display.

“Smoke Watches”, an app by a French development team landed in second place. In combination with a Bluetooth-enabled stick that is compatible with commercially available e-cigarettes, the app, which is installed on a smartphone, records the precise amount of smoke consumed – all the way to the daily number of puffs on the e-cigarette and the approximate quantity of nicotine consumed. This results in being a top motivational aid for “further forcing down” the data curves, thereby continuously reducing the amount of smoking.

With “MobileODT”, another app from Israel took third place on the victory stand. Together with a special camera attachment, the application makes a high-tech tool out of smartphones for the purpose of medical imaging which relates specifically to quickly and inexpensively performing cervical cancer-related diagnostics.

In addition to a certificate, all winners also received a bottle of champagne to make a toast. In addition, the first place winner was honoured with an iPad of the latest generation.


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