Sysmex Corporation: The global leader in hematology

Founded in 1968, The Sysmex Corporation has challenged its way past far larger companies to become one of the leading healthcare companies around the world. How? By focusing constantly on one objective: maximising the strength of our people, knowledge and resourcefulness to live up to our mission statement: Shaping the Advancement of Healthcare.

Breaking new ground in haemostasis, urinalysis, cancer management, essential...
Breaking new ground in haemostasis, urinalysis, cancer management, essential healthcare, life sciences, near patient testing and automation.
Source: Sysmex Europe GmbH
GLP systems: Changing the game in lab automation.
GLP systems: Changing the game in lab automation.
Source: Sysmex Europe GmbH

Healthier and more enjoyable

Nobody within Sysmex will claim that we have or will have the answer to all of healthcare's problems. You will hear us say, however, that we deliver true solutions to real problems. And that, by focusing our knowledge on the issues you face as our customers - on what you need and not just on what we can do - we make your working lives more effective, more efficient, and therefore hopefully more rewarding. If it falls in our domain of expertise, you can count on us to try and solve your challenge. Just ask.

Focus focus focus – for you

We are quite simply very good at what we do. From the start our focus has been on hematology. And here we are the global leaders. With the introduction of our XN-Series in 2011, we set new benchmarks in the industry, and we have by no means yet exhaus-ted the clinical potential of these remarkable analysers. Their accuracy, associated services and consultancy, and their ease of use remain unmatched. We are excited about what is yet to come.

Importantly, we have very recently expanded the XN family to include three new analysers for labs with less large-scale needs – the XN-L series. Now the quality and clinical significance available on the larger XN is within reach of almost all labs.
But Business 101 tells you that once you have achieved significant market penetration, growth potential is limited. In addition to our two other core areas – haemostasis and urinalysis – we therefore started expanding our areas of expertise some time ago. We have already developed important solutions in life sciences, cancer management and near patient testing and are now entering new areas where we know we will make a difference for you. Two acquisitions, and the exclusive distributorship of a revolutionary Intelligent Lab Automation solution are opening new doors.

Sysmex Partec – flow cytometry pioneers

Partec brought to market the first fluorescence-based and commercial flow cytometer (FCM). By combining the latest scientific and biotechnological knowledge into clever and cost-effective solutions, they have since used their technology and intense scientific knowhow to become a key global player for precise and rapid cell analysis in a broad spectrum of industries:
Cost-reduced routine immunophenotyping
• Cell culture analysis with low laboratory requirements
• Decentralised research applications
• High-speed plant and animal ploidy analysis
• High-speed online microbiological process control
• Sterile cell sorting
• Essential Healthcare for HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria

Our companies are proving a perfect match – both in terms of culture and mission – and there are now very exciting times ahead for Sysmex Partec. By focusing on your needs and cleverly combining our technologies, network and services, we expect to deliver new solutions unknown in the market today. Our focus will be on dedicated instruments for human healthcare, microbiology, industrial applications, food quality control, plant and animal research, etc.

Sysmex Inostics – a revolution in the fight against cancer

Sysmex Inostics is a molecular diagnostics company that is a pioneer in blood-based cell-free tumor DNA oncology testing. Our highly sensitive OncoBEAM assays detect gene mutations in late stage cancer allowing for more targeted therapies and monitoring of disease response and recurrence.

Our assays provide a faster and easier approach for determining the mutation status of tumors requiring a simple blood draw rather than an invasive tissue biopsy procedure. Results of a tumor's mutation status are available within days, which can help rapidly guide treatment decisions. In addition, a blood-based biopsy becomes the method of choice where a tissue biopsy is difficult to obtain.
With BEAMing being one of the most sensitive technologies available today for the detection of tumor specific somatic mutations in blood samples, Sysmex Inostics' OncoBEAM services are readily available to support clinical trials and research in oncology. Furthermore, Sysmex Inostics companion diagnostics (CDx) team offers services for the development of IVD tests supported by a growing network of partners to cover the entire development process.

For routine clinical analysis, OncoBEAM tests are available through our rapidly expanding global Centers of Excellence program and through a CLIA-certified laboratory located in the United States. The molecular diagnostic testing services offered by Sysmex Inostics will help bring personalized medicine to clinicians who can direct their patients to the most effective cancer therapies for treating their disease.

GLP – intelligent lab automation

We are the world's exclusive distributors for GLP Systems – and we are turning the world of lab automation on its head. By truly addressing your challenges in the lab we can now offer lab automation that is reliable and easy to operate and lets you make your automation decisions on your own terms. Truly.

GLP systems has three core values - simplicity, freedom and excellence – and these values permeate every inch of the solution.  
• You can define the setup, even across multiple floors in the lab. No longer bound by tube racks, your samples receive the individual   treatment they need.
• You are free from long-term analyser contracts so you can define which analysers you wish to use to suit your diagnostic profile. At   any stage – so you can always have a best-in-class lab.
• And because we use only the best materials and the best technology, you can count on the most important feature of your lab. It's going   to work.

Automation doesn't have to be difficult. Not when you understand the essentials. Not when you care about delivering solutions that
really work. We'll be delighted to organise a demonstration or to talk about how we can make your life in the lab easier, more efficient, and more effective. We know you'll be amazed.


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