Spinal imaging

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Spinal imaging

Last year, the DMS Group acquired 100% of the capital of AXS Medical, a French start-up specialized in developing diagnostic tools used for spinal pathologies.


The technologies developed by AXS allow DMS-Apelem to reinforce its position in the domain of diagnostic imaging by being able to offer stereo-radiographic imaging and 3D modelisation tools particularly dedicated to orthopedic applications.

The technology BIOMOD3S combines optic information about back morphology with a classic radiographic image of the spine (stitching) to yield a 3D model of the vertebral column. The 3D model gives the practitioner a complete view of the spine for a thorough and accurate evaluation of spine deformities in pathologies such as: scoliosis, kyphosis, vertebral compression, posture and balance anomalies, and dorsopathy, to name a few.   

The added value of the BIOMOD3S is that it gives information about the rotations and twists in the spine, that are not possible to evaluate in only 2 dimensions. Until now, if 3D information was required, patients were sent to a scanner or MRI for other additional exams. In addition BIOMOD3S is a technology that allows access to this 3D information with NO ADDITIONAL DOSE, compared to a standard 2D exam.  

This technology is extremely accessible and can easily be integrated into any existing R/F or RAD suite equipped with digital full spine and long leg imaging.Biomod 3S is particularly suited for radiology, pediatrics, orthopedics and ambulatory surgery.  

For more about this exciting technology, visit our booth 501 in Expo X1.


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