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Six ways DOTmed protects buyers and sellers

Over the last 18 years, almost exclusively by word of mouth, DOTmed has become one of the busiest websites in healthcare. The services that DOTmed offers enables Buyers and Sellers of equipment and parts – as well as providers looking for service partners – to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Over 250,000 people around the world have registered on DOTmed and more than 22,000 people visit the website every day. Our news organization, DOTmed HealthCare Business News, has a monthly magazine with a circulation exceeding 30,000, and every week 50,000 people receive our weekly online news digest.

All of these features combined have resulted in the continued success of DOTmed over the last 10 years. Whether you are a ­Buyer, a Seller, in need of service or spare parts, or if you just want to stay informed about the latest healthcare news – DOTmed is a free service that you should take advantage of.

1 DOTmed is free: Anybody can search the listings on DOTmed. Those listings feature equipment and parts either wanted or for sale. In addition, visitors can browse service companies in our Services Directory. Our Users can communicate with each other at zero cost because DOTmed is driven by advertising. Therefore, throughout your visit, our site will display advertisements relevant to your specific interests.

2 Comprehensive: With over 450,000 active listings on most days, including 150,000 different parts for sale, our 250,000 registered Users visit our site more than 22,000 times daily because they know – if it is available anywhere in the world – they will find it on DOTmed.

3 Easy to use: Whatever you are looking for, it is easy to find it on DOTmed because the site is so intuitive. There are several ways to search for things on whichever type of interface you prefer. We even offer a free mobile app.

4 Users are protected: We review all regis­trations and postings every day, every four hours. There is someone on duty around the clock. More importantly, our Users police our site as well. We have a rating system and many of our Users apply for and receive DOTmed Certification (more than 1,000 firms). In our Honest / Dishonest Dealings Forum, our Users expose those firms that are less than honorable and the worst of those firms are Blacklisted from DOTmed. While you can never be 100 % sure about anything, there is no other website that offers this level of protection for ­Buyers and Sellers of medical equipment and services.

5 Service forums: End Users ask thousands of service-related questions and the service community on DOTmed always helps to answer them.

6 Industry news: DOTmed HealthCare Business News has nine journalists covering healthcare around the world and report on a daily basis. Many of our Users visit day to stay on top of the business dealings that matter most to health professionals. More than 50,000 people have signed up for our weekly news digest, which brings the most interesting and important headlines directly to their e-mail inbox at no charge.


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