EXS 2600 mass spectrometry system and several pretreatment reagent kits
EXS 2600 mass spectrometry system and several pretreatment reagent kits

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Shedding light on the mysteries of rare microbial infections with MALDI-TOF MS

The Zybio EXS2600 mass spectrometry system enables rapid microbial identification, including bacteria and fungi. With an advanced pre-filled sample kit, user-friendly software and a comprehensive strain database, the EXS2600 offers high-throughput screening, convenient operation and accurate results.

How can the EXS2600 support microbiological analysis?

Zybio’s 4th generation MALDI-TOF hardware, database and software have been optimized in several aspects, e.g. the signal-to-noise ratio is now 1,000 times better than in the original ­generation. Accuracy, resolution and sensitivity are better ­calibrated and synchronized. Compared with traditional bio­chemical identification methods, MALDI-TOF MS technology constitutes a quantum leap in terms of efficiency: the turn-around-time (TAT) was shortened by more than 10 times and identification accuracy is now at 95 %+. MALDI-TOF is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease-of-use, productivity and revolutionary automation efficiency which reduce tedious labor and material consumption. Prompt accurate diagnostic results and proper therapeutic suggestions can save lives.

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Apart from bacteria identification, a standard colony plate picture and a morphological reference picture support clinical decision-making

A comprehensive database and intelligent technology improve accuracy

The Zybio EXS2600 displays identification results and morphological reference intuitively with a clinical database of 5,000+ species covering 20,000+ strains, which meets modern labs’ demands. Especially, delay extraction technology results in high resolution. 

In order to improve ion transmission capacity and boost sensitivity, Zybio adopted a patented hyper-efficient ion propulsion technology that reduces ion jitter. Besides, the flight tube temperature compensation technology is integrated to ensure stability of the EXS2600. 

Reliable and lean workflow enhances productivity

The efficient and cost-effective workflow of the EXS2600 is parti­cularly popular with the end users. Notably, the oil-free vacuum pump requires no maintenance and the reusable target plate can contain up to 96 samples. This not only reduces measurement time at a high throughput of 96 samples per 12 minutes but also drives automation and simplifies repetitive tasks. 

With its easy and user-friendly sample handling the EXS2600 also brings enormous benefits to microbiology labs in terms of one step to target-in for detection with reusable and traceable plates and pre-filled reagents, available in four different solutions. Strain identification in the EXS2600 reduces TAT from about 2 days to 15 minutes. All these tools contribute to substantially reducing the laboratory’s manual work and simplifying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Customized design powers up clinical research

Equipped with flexible cluster analysis software and artificial intelligence-powered typing software, the Zybio EXS2600 is excellently suited for clinical research, e.g. antibiotic-resistant bacteria research, serotypes and strain traceability analysis as well as identification of routine microbes and some difficult-to-identify bacteria. Moreover, due to the positive and negative ion detector, the Zybio EXS2600 can be applied in phosphate protein detection among antibiotic-resistant bacteria and drug sensitivity analysis. In addition to the wide range of application fields of MS in the investigation of drug resistance1,2 and identification of rare and difficult bacteria, such as Mycobacterium, Nocardia species and filamentous fungi (or molds), the Zybio EXS2600 has a self-built database which can further improve the detection ability of microbiology labs.3. “Since we introduced the Zybio EXS2600, the entire microbiology laboratory workflow has been ultra-elevated and streamlined with higher efficiency, shorter TAT, more trust from patients and clinical departments,” says a chinese microbiology supervisor about his experience with EXS2600. 

Zybio is dedicated to refining routine diagnostics with exquisite products and providing reliable microbiology solutions with an industry-leading microbiology system. 


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