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Citrine MS/MS – your Medical Diagnostic mass spectrometer

In the modern diagnostic lab, analytical challenges demand increased sensitivity, speed, robustness and reliability of any diagnostic system, and mass spectrometry is no different. Designed and manufactured with industry-leading technologies, Citrine meets these challenges head on, giving you confidence in your results and the best possible service to your patients.

Do everything. See everything. One solution for every challenge.

Source: SCIEX

Citrine MS/MS from SCIEX provides you with the ultimate performance and reliability to tackle today’s difficult assays, and the versatility to address tomorrow’s challenges. Delivering the legendary robustness and reliability of a SCIEX mass spectrometry solution, the Citrine MS/MS system is specifically designed to meet the demands of clinical labs that require maximum sensitivity, high throughput, a wide dynamic range, and simplified sample preparation.


Source: SCIEX

The Citrine MS / MS – our most sensitive tandem mass spectrometer ever – provides the lowest possible limits of quantification, enabling the measurement of trace levels of biomarkers and metabolites at single-unit pmol / L concentrations. While sensitivity is key for accurate quantification, the enhanced sensitivity of Citrine can also allow streamlining of sample preparation, reducing consumables and reagent costs.


Source: SCIEX

Getting the most from a single extraction and injection is clearly paramount to achieving increased efficiancies with any mass spectrometry analysis, and diagnostics is no different. With its fast MRM scanning (1 msec dwell times) and fast polarity switching (5 msec) between positive and negative ionization modes, the ability to analyse very large panels of compounds, across multiple compound classes is in your hands.

A quantitative instrument… but so much more

Source: SCIEX

The versatile Citrine MS / MS system offers ESI and APCI ioni­zation options, an extended mass range up to m / z 2000, and a large linear dynamic range, making this the perfect tool for the measurement of a large variety of polar and  non-polar biomarkers and metabolites in biological fluids, over a large range of concentrations. Also available with SCIEX’s Triple Quadrupole Linear Ion Traps (QTRAP) technology, Citrine becomes a hybrid triple quadrupole / linear ion trap mass spectrometer – a unique, flexible MS / MS system that can accommodate a wide variety of both quantitative and qualitative LC-MS/MS workflows.

It is the ability to use both triple quadrupole and linear ion trap scan functions on a single platform – and even within a single LC-MS/MS run – that makes the QTRAP system adaptable to a wide variety of both screening and quantitative tests. On the quantitation side, in some cases isobaric interferences cannot be differentiated by MRM alone, since the interferences may have the same exact mass as the target compound. In these cases, the ability to use second-order fragmentation (MS / MS / MS, or MRM3) provides highly specific measurements and can remove chromatographic interferences caused by isomers and background ions, without the need for extended chromatography and reduced throughput.

Legendary robustness and reliability

Source: SCIEX

In the busy diagnostic lab, samples come in all flavours! Whatever matrix, whatever extraction – Citrine gives you accurate and reliable results, day after day, time after time. Unadjusted Peak Area (no internal standard correction) of 3,500 spiked plasma samples, extracted by protein precipitation/direct injection (without filtration) and analysed on the Citrine system for Testosterone (left) and Aldosterone (right), with 6-day 24 / 7 operation with no intervention.


The technologies within Citrine puts powerful diagnostic mass spectrometer directly into your hands. 

Citrine MS/MS – truly the one solution for your every challenge

  • Leverage the ultimate sensitivity of the Citrine MS/MS system to reliably measure at picomole levels for clinically relevant biomarkers and metabolites
  • Monitor 100’s of MRM transitions per analysis with uncompromised accuracy, precision and sensitivity
  • Experience faster than ever data acquisition with 5 msec polarity switching
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis in a single injection with QTRAP technology
  • Enjoy the confidence of a medical device that meets the high quality and safety standards required by FDA regulations

For in vitro Diagnostic Use, Rx only · Not available in all countries


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