Samsung brings 'Smart Connection' to healthcare

The full power of Samsung is on display at Medica with an impressive portfolio from the newest player in medical equipment.

Photo: Samsung brings Smart Connection to healthcare
Andreas Wybieralski
Andreas Wybieralski

Samsung Electronics is accelerating change in the already fast-moving world of medical devices.
Building on its reputation for innovation in computing and telecommunications, the Korean giant arrives at Medica with a fully developed product line for medical imaging and laboratory.
An impressive performance for a company that entered the field less than two years ago. Even more impressive are new features that show the first signs of how Samsung can draw on core strengths in research and manufacturing to redefine products.
For example at Medica Samsung is introducing the SonoAce UGEO H60 for OB-GYN ultrasound. If it is difficult to imagine anyone bringing something new to this high volume and fiercely competitive category, then a visit to the Samsung stand in Hall 9 is worth the trip.
The mid-range SonoAce H60 features the first LED monitor for ultrasound delivering a B-mode quality that for the first time enables a flat screen to match the contrast quality associated with old-line analog monitors.
With true black and true white renderings, the 18.5inch screen also surpasses the 4:3 format with a 16:9 aspect ratio that allows for the display of supplemental images andinformation.
The same high quality B-Mode image is maintained on the monitor when a clinician switches to Doppler view, a distinguishing feature for the SonoAce H60.
While retaining the well-recognized SonoAce name from Medisson, acquired by Samsung in 2011, the H60 model integrates the full Samsung brand in ergonomic design, software and hardware performance and the user experience.
For example, the ultrasound platform can talks with Samsung smartphones and tablets using an Android App. Did we expect anything less?
Smart Connecting is a new capability Samsung is introducing at Medica, opening a new strategic direction for integrating diagnostic images and information across multiple platforms.
You might say Smart Connecting starts with baby steps. The first App is called Mommy Note enabling young mothers to share images of the unborn child with family and friends.
It is a service for the customer of Samsung's direct customer, the gynecologist. But then we are all connected today, according to Andreas Wybieralski, the Director for Samsung Health Medical Equipment.
"It will perhaps build a preference for physicians using the Samsung platform," he explained. But this consumer-oriented feature is a strong conversation starter with gynecologists about the diagnostic capabilities onboard the SonoAce H60.
Powerful forces are at work behind Mommy Note, such as Feto Realistic View (FRV) based on pioneering 5D technology for advance viewing of large field views that takes ultrasound from fuzzy to brilliantly sharp.
It will make mothers happy to see their child's face, but it is part of a muscular technology package that Samsung believes will make the doctor even happier.
"The vision of Smart Connected applications for ultrasound is to increase diagnostic capabilities for quantification and computed analysis that improves both visualization and workflow," said Wybieralski.
Today physicians study an ultrasound examination to identify bone growth, calculate the weight of the fetus, or verify blood circulation.
"The doctor is making these calculations in his head. Smart Connected devices can automatically generate this analysis which greatly improves clinical routine," he said.
At Medica Samsung is also introducing the Accuvix XG, an expanded version of its high-end platform for cardiovascular ultrasound featuring expanded applications and a new range of probes.
Samsung is presenting two digital radiography systems at Medica that the company began installing for customers in Europe this summer, according toWybieralski.
The ceiling-mounted XGEO GC80 features alightweighted, and portable flat panel detector that is also ultrasensitive. Based on Samsung's Advanced Low Dose Amorphous Silicon Sensor(ALDAS)technology, the detector acquires high-resolution images with a very small amount of radiation, improving patient safety and the reliability of diagnosis.
Another Samsung technology onboard isAdaptive Local Contrast Stretching (ALCOS) that applies high resolution image contrast and edge sharpness enhancement functions.
The results of these smart functions are more accurate imaging at a faster speed, which ultimately leads to higher productivity.
The XGEO GU60 is a universal, fully motorized U-arm platform with dual-speed movement that features auto positioning, Anatomical Programmed Radiography (APR) and functional displays for positioning help.


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