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Philips acquires start-up Medumo

Royal Philips announced that it has expanded its patient management solutions in the US with the acquisition of Boston-based start-up company Medumo.

Founded in 2013, Medumo has developed a diagnostic patient management platform for healthcare providers to deliver patient engagement and education services. “Efficient digital health services for a superb patient experience and enhanced productivity are becoming critical differentiators for our healthcare provider customers,” said Matt Bierbaum, Head of Precision Diagnosis Ventures at Philips. “By combining Medumo’s direct patient interaction services with Philips’ diagnostic imaging systems, enterprise diagnostic informatics and operational performance management capabilities, Philips aims to deliver a patient-centric solution to our customers that helps drive their top- and bottom-line improvements by streamlining labor intensive workflows.”

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Medumo’s solution offers direct patient interaction using mobile devices
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“Philips and Medumo share the same passion for improving people’s lives through innovation,” said Adeel Yang, MD, Co-Founder and CEO of Medumo. “We are both deeply committed to addressing our customers’ biggest challenges through improvements in efficiency and diagnostic quality. Together, we will build on the many years of great work and services of Medumo and create new possibilities for patient management. We look forward to accelerating Medumo’s current momentum building on Philips’ health technology portfolio.”

The rise of care consumerism and digital service adoption is modernizing patient administration and delivery. A diagnostic patient management platform orchestrates and streamlines patient interactions - especially around the anxious diagnosis process - with their health system, delivering operational efficiency while maximizing patient engagement, preference and loyalty. Medumo’s platform currently focuses on pre-procedure engagement and post-procedure follow-up. Its services aim to remind and prepare patients for pre-diagnostic exam tasks as prescribed by their healthcare provider, via timely and actionable text messages, checklists or other relevant content via SMS, email and other web and non-web channels.

Philips is a leading provider of integrated solutions across the health continuum, from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Medumo’s platform is complementary to Philips’ VitalHealth population health management platform, which aims to deliver personalized care outside of the hospital.

Source: Philips


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