Outsourcing diagnostic services

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your diagnostic services?

Alliance Medical is Europe´s largest provider of outsourced diagnostic imaging services, with over 15 years of unparalleled operational and service excellence, with offices in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.

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With over 1,600 employees in more than 15 countries, the company provides a wide range of diagnostic imaging services (including MRI, CT, PET, PET/CT, lithotripsy and mammography) used in both private and public healthcare institutes across Europe.
To date, Alliance Medical operates several hundred static and mobile scanners and generates revenues exceeding ?300 million across Europe.
In the important German market, for example, the operation facilities are in Castrop-Rauxel, based in the Ruhr Valley, the industrial and logistical heartland of Germany. Our Dutch office is based in Amersfoort, near Amsterdam.
With a talented team in place and thorough knowledge of the market, the group is consistently looking for further opportunities to improve services to its customers.
The traditional business for Alliance Medical is the interim and routing service for high end tomography systems such as CT, MR and PET-CT.
Despite the fact that the reimbursement for PET-CT is not yet in place, the demand for this very important imaging method is steadily increasing, particularly in the field of oncology. For all healthcare institutes, it’s difficult to justify the capital expenditure.
Alliance Medical is the first service provider to introduce a mobile PET-CT combined with a 16-slice CT to its mobile operations, providing a daily service all over Central Europe.
Because the existing system is already almost used to capacity, we
currently market the next mobile multi-slice PET-CTs.
But outsourcing can mean even more!
If you are considering a new scanning facility, or if extra imaging capacity is required, Alliance Medical could be your partner.
We not only operate the imaging centre in terms of providing equipment, but can also manage the entire operation, including medical staff. That’s our answer to today’s challenges in a demanding market environment.
Details: Alliance Medical GmbH. www.alliancemedical.de
Phone: + 49 2305 92171-0


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