New Patents for Lightsheet Readout Mode in CMOS Cameras

Hamamatsu Photonics has been granted patents for their “Lightsheet Readout Mode” which takes advantage of the rolling shutter readout in scientific CMOS cameras. Lightsheet Readout Mode is currently available in the ORCA-Flash4.0V2 camera. The patents place Hamamatsu’s cameras in an ideal position regarding the lightsheet application and Hamamatsu will move forward on enforcing their rights under these patents.

Lightsheet Readout Mode is currently available in the ORCA-Flash4.0V2 camera.
Lightsheet Readout Mode is currently available in the ORCA-Flash4.0V2 camera.
Source: Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH

Lightsheet microscopy is rapidly becoming an important tool for biological research. Among its strengths are high speed selective plane acquisition, low phototoxicity to samples and low photo bleaching of fluorophores. There are a variety of lightsheet schemes that enable researchers to answer new questions in live cell imaging at scales that range from individual cells to whole organisms.

Related Patents:

  • Japan JP05639670, JP05770958
  • UK GB2522793, GB2523012, GB2523263
  • Deutschland DE112014000195
  • United States
  • China

Visit our Lightsheet Readout Mode special page: www.hamamatsu.com/all/en/technology/innovation/lightsheetreadout/index.html

Source: Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH


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