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Vacuum systems are the best solution for the safe disposal of biological liquids in laboratories.


A coated membrane, special valves and a high gas tightness offer the safe and sustainable disposal of biological liquid waste.

The latest generation of Axonlab's universal mini vacuum extraction system was developed in a development period of around 18 months. The patented product combines years of customer experience with the latest technologies in a compact and attractive design. Excellent performance, easy cleaning, sound insulation: the new vacuum pump is not only a feast for the eyes, but also space-saving as a simultaneous device for 2 parallel users.

Best features compactly packed

To ensure maximum safety, the level sensor is located outside the collecting bottle and therefore does not come into contact with the liquid. 


For a long service life, the pump has been equipped with a break-proof collecting bottle and a stable holder for the collecting bottle, which holds the bottle in place.

The diaphragm pump is equipped with a patented pressure-optimised diaphragm, resulting in high pneumatic performance, a durable product and a compact size. Special valves ensure that the pump can easily cope with vapours and condensation.

Product features:

  • Extremely well thought-out design for small space requirements (size of a DIN A4 sheet)
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry (carrying handle)
  • Effective sound insulation (max. 60.5 dB)
  • Very powerful pump (KNF N89 KNE) with a flow rate of 9.5 l / min
  • Simultaneous work of two users possible
  • External level sensor for improved pump protection without the need to autoclave or clean the pump
  • Hydrophobic filter protects against overflow damage.

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  1. Flyer Mini Vac Pump


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