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Improve the integration of certified medical 3D printing

The Materialise Mimics Care Suite is an open and flexible platform that includes planning and design software tools, 3D printed anatomical models and surgical guides, and patient-specific implants. Launched during AAOS, the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Annual Meeting, the Suite also introduces Materialise Mimics inPrint, a new software solution that enables surgeons to create accurate medical models for 3D printing in hospitals without the need of advanced clinical engineering support.

Photo: Improve the integration of certified medical 3D printing
Source: Materialise Mimics Care Suite

With the Materialise Mimics Care Suite, Materialise brings together medical software and services, both established and new, into a single, neutral platform that facilitates the further integration of 3D planning and printing into hospitals. For example, Materialise Mimics inPrint allows clinicians to 3D print in hospitals by connecting data from all modern imaging systems to the ever expanding range of 3D printers on the market. The Materialise Mimics Care Suite also includes software for predictive planning and communication; patient-specific guides that transfer a co-created surgical plan to the OR; and patient-specific models and implants that enable surgeons to treat complex cases.

Materialise Founder and CEO, Wilfried Vancraen, states, “For more than 25 years, we at Materialise have been identifying meaningful applications of 3D printing and developing the backbone of software and solutions needed to successfully bring them to market. We see incredible potential for 3D printing in hospitals, but have also recognized that many existing solutions have slowed adoption of the technology. Therefore, we have developed the Materialise Mimics Care Suite with the aim of helping hospitals better integrate 3D printing and begin unleashing the benefits it offers, which include potential cost savings and patient care improvement.”

Since their foundation, Materialise has been providing leading-edge, 3D visualization and printing solutions to their extensive list of hospital, academic and medical device customers. Materialise’s open and flexible platform of software and services forms the foundation of certified medical 3D Printing, in clinical as well as research environments, enabling medical professionals to revolutionize patient treatment and make the world a better and healthier place.

Source: Materialise Mimics Care Suite


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