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In today’s digitised world, hospitals are already embracing the benefits which technology brings to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Against a backdrop of stretched resources and operational scrutiny hospital managers are able to address the needs of multiple stakeholders through hospital-wide digitalisation.

Digitised information signage systems - a viewable profit for everybody.
Digitised information signage systems - a viewable profit for everybody.

Improving communication using digital signage for way finding, check-in, queue management and infotainment helps to enhance the patient and visitor experience and alleviate potential frustration. In clinical practice, collaboration is essential to maximise productivity and synergy of talent requiring visual access to patient information to ensure best patient outcomes.  

To assist in the challenges of hospital-wide digitalisation, NEC is the only manufacturer able to offer such a wide portfolio of display products including desktop and large format displays and projection, as well as fine pitch LED modules. This unique position means that NEC can recommend the best fit solution to virtually any application scenario with a customer oriented consultative approach. Trusted NEC quality is the benchmark for performance and longevity with a long heritage serving the special needs of the healthcare sector.

Ready access to up-to-the minute information will help to improve the patient and visitor experience. Touch screens allow visitors to check-in and receive directions for their onward journey through the hospital building. Video walls and large format displays provide way finding information and can be instantly updated to provide emergency messaging should the need arise.

Delivering excellence in patient care demands effective multi-discipline collaboration. The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) facility is critical in assembling healthcare practitioners to collaborate with full access to patient data and multiple PACS images, side by side, viewable by large numbers of people, both in one room and via remote conferencing. NEC’s large screen UHD displays deliver images equivalent to 8MP presenting unprecedented richness of detail and pixel-free viewing on a huge scale with controlled colour reproduction and consistent images viewable from all angles. Projection solutions, also available in 4K resolution provide additional options for break out rooms and training centres.

Where performance and accuracy are vital, the NEC medical grade DICOM pre-set colour display series exceeds the highest reviewing expectations for departments like radiology, nuclear medicine, orthopaedics, pneumology and intensive care. Designed with both reliable quality and affordability in mind, the review displays with unique built-in firmware features can be calibrated to the DICOM Grayscale Display Function using NEC’s GammaCompMD QA software. Besides medical specialty monitors, NEC offers a wide range of commercial and professional desktop displays offering a DICOM pre-set plus large format screens to support surgeons in the OR.

In a caring profession, there is no substitute for the personal touch, but with NEC as your partner, hospitals can benefit from state of the art visual technology to improve patient confidence and deliver an exceptional healthcare service.

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