Imaging advances

SonoAce GmbH, the subsidiary of Samsung Medison based in Germany, has announced the development of two ‘outstanding new imaging technologies’

Photo: Imaging advances

Volume NT is the latest tool for undertaking the Nuchal Translucency (NT) examination, finding the exact mid-sagittal plane, essential to performing an NT examination, SonoAce explains. ‘Volume NT will revolutionise the process. This new 3-D technology automatically finds the true mid-sagittal view from 3-D data, and then will also automatically measure NT. SonoAce Volume NT is truly unique, as other NT techniques are still based on 2-D and less automatic processes.’ Volume NT offers several advantages to the user and the patient, the company explains. ‘The NT scan will be far quicker, and more accurate, enabling greater throughput and greater clinical confidence in the accuracy of the diagnosis. And, because the process of finding the midsagittal plane and measuring NT is automated and highly accurate, there will be much less variability amongst observers, giving much greater confidence in the observations.’
HD Volume Imaging (HDVI) is a breakthrough in 3-D volume resolution. ‘It has long been known that 3-D volume image resolution is lower for multiplanar/multislice images than 2-D. Recent developments have improved 3-D image resolution, but only by using a 2-D algorithm – this resulted in images that, although they had less speckle noise and better contrast than before, were considered artificial and over-processed by users.
‘HDVI, based on non-stationary adaptive filtering by 3-D matrix processing, is a genuine 3-D process, retaining much more of the original information, and therefore producing much better 3D images.’ HDVI gives outstanding image quality and naturally clearer contrast, with excellent tissue differentiation, edge depiction and speckle reduction, allowing consistent diagnoses with great confidence,’ SonoAce adds. ‘It is particularly useful in the detection of subtle lesions, the examination of the walls and valves of the foetal
heart, and the detection of subtle foetal brain defects.’

SonoAce is at MEDICA
Hall 9. Stands B60-1 and B60-2


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