HI VISION Ascendus – a new digital ultrasound platform

Hitachi Medical Systems presents the HI VISION Ascendus for the first time in Europe at the ECR (European Congress of Radiology) in Vienna. The HI VISION Ascendus offers high definition imaging, advanced technological functionality and optimised ergonomics in one all-inclusive package. As the latest addition to the HI VISION series of ultrasound systems – joining the HI VISION Preirus and HI VISION Avius – the HI VISION Ascendus is the culmination of lengthy collaboration within the Hitachi Group’s network of research laboratories in the development of a system offering world-beating image quality.

Photo: HI VISION Ascendus – a new digital ultrasound platform

HI VISION Ascendus expands the product portfolio at the premium end to offer a platform where Hitachi Medical Systems can demonstrate its leadership in innovation and technology to the radiology market.

New levels of diagnostic confidence
The HI VISION Ascendus benefits from expert modalities such as Hitachi Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE) for imaging tissue stiffness, and dynamic Contrast Harmonic Imaging (dCHI) technology, that enhances visualisation of tissue microvasculature after the injection of an ultrasound contrast agent. Features that are part of the standard package offered with the HI VISION Ascendus and complement the high definition imaging to realize new levels of diagnostic confidence.

Expanding horizons
Moreover, the HI VISION Ascendus supports new leading edge technologies and is the world’s first product able to display 4-D Real-time Tissue Elastography images1 where volume data is captured in real time and the information on tissue stiffness is transformed into images by means of high-speed
In addition, HI VISION Ascendus offers a unique combination of tools for interventional specialists: Hitachi Real-time Virtual Sonography (HI RVS) for displaying CT or MRI images in real-time alongside ultrasound slices; Real-time Bi-Plane imaging (RTBi); and support for dedicated biopsy, intra-operative and laparoscopic transducers.

New technical standards
With its completely new ultrasound transducer circuitry, the HI VISION Ascendus provides the highest definition image quality. The image processing unit is driven by the Ultrasound Broadband Engine 2nd Generation (Ultra BE II) – which greatly increases the processing speed – facilitating the development of sophisticated image processing and new application functionality.
Through the combination of Ultra BE II and highly sensitive, wide bandwidth probes, Hitachi achieves images of precision and clarity.

One-action Adjustment
The platform features the ergonomic and attractive design that incorporates the unique flexible one-action adjustment of the liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor with the operator console to comfortably accommodate all operator and patient position combinations. The large-screen LCD monitor also features a Smart Touch panel, which gives the operator freedom to control the system without the need to look away from the ultrasound images.
Attributes for which the HI VISION Preirus won the Gold Award for Good Design in 2009, sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, and the prestigious red dot product design award in Essen (Germany) in the following year. The red dot label has established itself as a global mark of quality.

Compatibility with Hitachi’s versatile transducer range
Hitachi’s ‘in-house manufacture’ expertise has enabled its engineers to optimize transducer performance to cover every clinical need, from the new high frequency superficial transducer to the dedicated abdominal biopsy transducer with a ‘through crystal’ biopsy needle channel. All reach new levels of sensitivity and resolution with the HI VISION Ascendus.
Hitachi Medical Systems is known for its patient-centered philosophy, a tradition upheld by the HI VISION Ascendus setting new standards for the medical imaging market. Hitachi is confident that it will continue to further expand its established, satisfied customer base that now includes thousands of users and will maintain the development of innovative and yet user-friendly, patient-oriented products for ultrasound diagnosis.


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