External catheter solution to end urinary tract infection

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News • Presented at Medica 2022

External catheter solution to end urinary tract infection

At this year's Medica, medical device company Ur24Technology Inc. showcased its TrueClr product line – a non-invasive catheter to minimise infection risk, increase patient comfort and reduce healthcare costs.

The system follows a radically different approach to conventional catheters, as the device is applied externally without invasively inserting a tube into the patient's urinary tract. Furthermore, the external catheter is designed to actively empty the bladder, explained Dr. Jon Meliones, MD, FCCM, medical director at Ur24Technology. At the Medica trade fair, he said: “I am convinced the TrueClr external catheters will fundamentally revolutionise medical practices.” 

A 3D demonstration of the external catheter can be seen in this video.

The first historically documented catheters were in use almost 4000 years ago. Their basic working principle has changed very little since then

Jon Meliones

The external catheter, which comes in different version for male and female patients and is also available for pediatric patients, uses light, continuous suction to empty the bladder. "The first historically documented catheters were in use almost 4000 years ago," explained Dr. Meliones. "Their basic working principle has changed very little since then: a tube is inserted into the body, to drain or administer liquids. The first catheters were basically reeds, later editions were made of wood, metal, and eventually plastic." 

The material notwithstanding, the expert emphasized that the insertion of a catheter into the body is also a potential portal of entry for bacteria, leading to urinary tract infections. "We wanted to change that." 

According to the manufacturer, the TrueClr product offers a range of benefits over conventional catheters: their non-invasive mode of application increases patient comfort and dignity, the device is leak-proof and avoids urine contact with the skin - a common cause of skin irritation, inflammation, or even breakdown. The portable device can also easily be cleaned and reused. "This can greatly help reduce costs for hospitals," Dr. Meliores stated. 

Ur24 Technology has partnered with Demetech Corp. to distribute the TrueClr external catheters internationally. (WB)


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