BioAnalytica 2003

1st International Trade Fair and BioAnalytica Conference

Live 'drug transporters' - bacteria that deliver medication to targeted body areas; a coating for tooth implants that promotes bone growth; biochips to test the potential effects of a medication on particular patients, and miniature genetic point-of-care testing laboratories (POCT) for use during medical emergencies, were among exciting developments demonstrated by 270 exhibitors from 14 countries at BioAnalytica.

The event, held in the New Munich Trade Fair Centre (April 1-4), is an offshoot of Analytica, organised by Munich International Trade Fairs (MITF). Covering the entire spectrum of life sciences, Analytica has quickly become a leading European attraction, said Klaus Dittrich, MITF’s Managing Director. Visitors included service providers, and biotech specialists, industrialists, politicians, investors, and policymakers. Communication and networking were encouraged in a variety of meetings.

Human resources
A series of events, organised with the Association of German Biologists (vdbiol) and others, also offered advice about careers in the biotech industry and promoted personal contacts between job seekers and industry representatives.

About 32% of all BioAnalytica exhibitors are from countries beyond Germany, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France and Japan, and, during a lively ‘European BioRegions Day’ (involving representatives from Eastern Europe, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland) there was a lively panel discussion about international competition.

The two-day BioAnalytica Business Conference focused on factors that determine business success in this advancing industry. Experts from economic, scientific and political sectors discussed trends and application as well as financing strategies, stock assessments, strategic alliances and partnerships, with a final discussion examined Europe’s international role in biotechnology.
(Not to be missed next year!)


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