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Automated H-FABP assay improves the efficiency of Troponin

Automated latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric H-FABP assay helps emergency departments to detect MI within 30 minutes of chest pain onset, and improve the diagnostic efficiency of Troponin.

Photo: Automated H-FABP assay improves the efficiency of Troponin

H-FABP (Heart-type Fatty Acid Binding Protein) is a biomarker of myocardial ischemia, detectable as early as 30 minutes from chest pain onset and can facilitate the earlier management of patients with suspected ACS, alongside Troponin. The early release mechanism of H-FABP following myocardial ischemia (i.e. detectable within 30 minutes), means that it is a highly effective biomarker in the diagnosis and management of patients with suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), especially when used in combination with Troponin (TnT or TnI).  H-FABP can provide additional prognostic information, independent of Troponin T, ECG and clinical examination.

Rules out heart attack

The value of H-FABP is not just in positive diagnosis – but doctors are beginning to see it as a means of ‘ruling out heart attack’ when a patient presents at A&E with chest pain. Dr. Rick Body a consultant in Emergency Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary has extensively researched the use of H-FABP as a diagnostic tool, particularly during the early hours after the onset of heart attack like symptoms.

Dr Body believes that H-FABP could have a significant impact on how chest pain patients are managed within EDs: "Recent trials have shown that using H-FABP as an addition to an existing troponin test offers the potential to rule-out heart attack in many patients as early as their time of presentation to hospital. This means doctors will have a more accurate insight into who is actually at risk of heart attack and how to make the best use of resources. Many patients with chest pain are admitted to hospital for hours or even days to have further tests, although most of them don't have a heart problem and don't need to stay in hospital to have treatment of their condition. These patients could have been reassured much earlier, avoiding hospital admission, if we had better tests. If this new combination of tests could be successfully rolled out in Emergency Departments we could bring almost instant peace of mind to those who are not suffering a heart attack and prioritise those who are."

The Randox H-FABP biochemistry assay is a latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay suitable for fully quantitative measurement of H-FABP in serum and plasma.The assay can be used on a wide range of manufacturer’s clinical chemistry analysers and does not need any dedicated equipment or software.

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Randox Laboratories Ltd is a privately owned international diagnostics manufacturer. The Randox global headquarters are based in the UK, supplying products to over 130 countries worldwide. Randox are a world class manufacturer of biomarker solutions both for clinical practice and cutting edge research.



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