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RX Modena – Welcome to the Modena Era

The newest addition to the RX series, the RX modena, is a high volume, fully automated clinical chemistry analyser that promises to revolutionise your laboratory and transform diagnostics.

RX Modena - Available now for Pre-order
RX Modena - Available now for Pre-order

The RX modena presents a new class of efficiency without compromising on the reliability, accuracy and precision that the RX series is famed for. With a throughput of 1200 tests per hour, combined with the ever expansive, unrivalled RX series test menu, the RX modena offers a winning combination for large, multi-disciplinary laboratories.

Key Features


The RX modena will run up to 1200 test per hour, split between 800 photometric tests and 400 ISE tests containing Sodium, Potassium and Chloride, which makes the RX modena ideal for large laboratory testing.

Sample Carousel

The RX modena sample carousel provides 94 sample positions and 10 cooled positions for controls and calibrators. A dedicated sample micropipette with liquid level sensor can recognise clot and crash detection, and is also rinsed inside and outside to minimise carry over.

Sample Detection

An on-board barcode scanner will identify the sample you want to test, rather than having to pre-load the sample details onto the analyser. Likewise, the RX modena reagent carousel has an on-board barcode scanner for automatic reagent identification that will load straight onto the analyser’s software.

Reagent Carousel

The reagent carousel provides 100 positions for 70ml & 20ml bottles which can be cooled between 8-15O. The software on-board RX modena will calculate the remaining reagent volume and tests available, alert the user of any shortages and also identify any expired reagents and calibrations.


The RX modena has 153 Semi Permanent reaction cuvettes with cuvette check function, ensuring only clean and viable reaction vessels are reused for testing. The cuvettes require a reaction volume from as low as 50µl and a maximum of 250µl. This allows the users to test patient samples even if they only have a small sample volume available to them.

Wash Station

The cuvettes on the RX modena go through a 7 stage washing process including acid, alkali and pure water steps. Stations 1-5 have liquid level sensors to prevent cuvette overflows, and with a significantly low water consumption of just 15 litres per hour at peak usage, which is significantly lower than competitor analysers, cost saving is a key factor on why the RX modena is ideal for you laboratory.

STAT sampling

If required, the RX modena will allow you to continuously load emergency samples via the analyser’s unique loading hatch and preference these tests to run immediately.


Intuitive user friendly software (Windows 8) & interactive touchscreen technology means you have the latest software in analyser testing, making it easier for your Laboratory to run the tests required quicker. When running QC reports, RX modena’s software will create daily, weekly and monthly Levey Jennings Charts including data archiving so you can compare previous QC results easily.


More Information

To find out more information about the RX modena and see how it is ideal for your laboratory, please visit our website www.therxseries.com/rx-modena or you can enquire further by emailing therxseries@randox.com  

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Company Profile
Randox are a global manufacturer of biomarker solutions both for clinical practise and cutting edge research. The Randox headquarters are based in the UK, supplying products to over 130 countries worldwide. To find out more information about the RX modena, please visit our website www.therxseries.com/rx-modena


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