Advanced sample management in the lab

Siemens Healthcare has developed an sample management system that can be matched with analysis systems for immunology and clinical chemistry. It identifies the test to be performed for which patient by barcodes and automatically feeds the samples to the correct module.

Photo: Advanced sample management in the lab
Technologists no longer have to manually sort the tubes or forward sample tubes from one system to the next if patients probes have to be tested for various analytes. VersaCell Combo, the new system of Siemens Healthcare enables efficient processing and allows the automation of processes in the lab, even at low investments.
Siemens uses the sample management system to combine the Immulite 2000 or Immulite 2500 analysis systems with an ADVIA 1800, the Siemens analysis system for clinical chemistry. The throughput of the individual modules is absolutely identical with that of the stand-alone systems. If one of the modules fails, the other system can continue with sample processing without interruption of operations.
VersaCell Combo was designed for large and medium-sized labs. It accommodates up to 200 sample tubes. Consolidation at highest level is achieved through a comprehensive test menu with more than 180 assays, for routine, protein, medication, and drug analysis in clinical chemistry and the spectrum of immunology diagnostics covering the fields of fertility, thyroid gland, tumor markers, etc.
The system detects the requested assays by using the patient barcodes on the
tubes and based on direct communication with the lab information system (LIS) and
automatically feeds the samples to the correct module. A robot arm continuously feeds and discharges the samples without interrupting test processing in the two analysis systems. Emergency samples can be analyzed quickly and without delay, by directly applying up to 79 different methods. VersaCell Combo monitors the status of the connected analysis systems, as well as the on-board reagent supply and generates an alarm signal if reagents need to be replaced.


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