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Beckman Coulter · DxU Iris Workcell Automated Urinalysis Solution


Using proprietary Digital Flow Morphology technology with Auto Particle Recognition Software which delivers standardized results using AI to recognize particles, the DxU Workcell helps isolate, identify and characterize urine particles on the screen to virtually eliminate the need for manual microscopy.

  • Minimizes operator intervention and interruptions
  • Intuitive user interface software
  • Improves efficiency of urinalysis testing and reduces manpower with iWARE Integrated Urinalysis Software, providing onboard validation and result verification in a single step.
  • Improves clinical information. The Body Fluid module on the DxU microscopy is the only FDA-cleared urinalysis system and with linearity down to zero. The results are streamlined, as there is no need to interrupt the analyzer to switch to body fluid mode. Provides a standardized, fully automated method for the analyses of RBC count and nucleated cell count in cerebrospinal, synovial and serous fluids.
  • Increases productivity

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