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Mindray Medical · M1000 Chemistry and Immunoassay Integrated System

Dimension: CC: 2450 × 1150 × 1300 mm (w ×h × d), IM: 2305 × 1150 × 1180 mm (w × h × d)

Throughput: CC: 2,000 tests/h, up to 24,00 tests/h with ISE, IM: up to 500 tests/h

Number of Parallel Tests: CC: up to 69 tests, IM: up to 36 tests


M1000 is a chemistry and immunoassay integrated system for large laboratories, with high efficiency and accuracy. It supports up to 600 samples continuous loading at one time, and creative sample auto de-capping function. It adopts innovative technologies like 360-degree sample barcode scanning, PDR optical platform, HIL.L SI solution, timely environment pressure and CO2 monitoring, VU-Mix and FS-sampling, whole blood HbA1c with auto sample increment tests, delivering high efficiency and reliable patient reports in a short TAT. 

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